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Local and Long Distance Boca Raton Movers

In the moving industry, a local move is any move of household items within one hundred miles from the origin to the final destination within the same state. Moves over 99 miles within the same state are called “intrastate moves” and moves that travel across state lines are called “interstate moves.” Local moves tend to be billed at an hourly rate, as opposed to intrastate and interstate moves, which are billed according to the size and weight of the shipment.

One of the benefits of using a local moving company is that most of the companies that specialize in this kind of move are small and locally-owned. If that’s the case, a local representative from this company will inspect the goods you want moved in person, making the cost estimation as accurate as possible. This person will also be better able to approximate and advise you regarding how many boxes you’ll need, so that you don’t waste money on boxes you’ll never use.It is thus better to opt for professional movers rather than transporting the belongings ourselves. Firstly it saves one the hassle, and secondly, professional movers are more adept at the proceedings. They are specially trained to transport high-cost equipment such as televisions, glass tables and other utilities.

It’s important, however, to make sure that you hire a qualified local moving company. The first thing to remember is to ensure that the company has a current Department of Transportation license, and that the license is current and verifiable. Some states require additional licensing beyond the DOT license, so you need to learn your state’s regulations for moving companies. It’s also a good idea to find out if the moving company is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

A good local moving company will also be able to make an accurate and fair estimate of the hourly rate it will charge you. They’ll make that decision based upon the size of the rooms, the bulkiness of the items they’ll move, how large a crew to hire, and how difficult it will be to move the items from the place of origin to the final destination.

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