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Piano moving companies

I’m sure you’ve seen one of those slapstick comedies in which two guys are trying to move a piano into a second-story apartment, discover that the stairs aren’t wide enough for the piano, and then lift the piano into a window by ropes. Invariably, the ropes break, sending the piano crashing to the ground.

I’ve never understood why that’s supposed to be funny. It’s dangerous and frightening, especially to the innocent pedestrians walking by. And it certainly isn’t funny to the piano owner, who has just lost a beautiful and expensive instrument. Fortunately, though, this kind of thing rarely happens in real life. There are companies out there that specialize in the difficult task of moving pianos, even into second-story buildings with narrow staircases.

You should always use a professional moving company to move your piano, which requires a great deal of training and expertise. Pianos are a major investment, and moving one on your own is not only physically unsafe, but if done incorrectly, could be a financial setback. Pianos aren’t like normal furniture; because of their delicate wood frame, parts, and sensitive tuning, they need special attention during the moving process. One small drop has the potential to damage a piano. Professional piano movers have experience and training in how to prepare a piano to be moved and loaded properly, and then safety transport it to its new location in a safe and timely manner.

It also takes a special kind of moving truck to safely transport pianos. Most piano moving companies use air ride trucks that cause the least amount of bumps along the way, especially during long-distance moves. Unless you’re traveling overseas, these trucks are the best option for piano moving because they provide the movers with more control and safety. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved