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Boca Auto Transport provides friendly and high quality services at a reasonable rate. Boca Auto Transport is committed in doing its job.

There are two ways to transport a vehicle—the old way and the new way. We at Boca Raton Movers do both.

Before the internet, people tended to avoid auto transport. Most of the time, they bought cars from local dealers because buying a car from one town and shipping it was simply too expensive. If you had to move, and wanted to use a car in your new destination, the most cost effective way was to sell your current car and buy another one there.

Transporting a car is considered freight shipping, and its cost is based on increments of weight. It was car companies and dealerships that would transport automobiles, because they could do it in bulk and use trailers that carried several cars and trucks at the same time. They used specialized car transport companies that charged based upon distance rather than on weight.

As a result, individuals and small companies didn’t bother with auto transport, unless they were able to afford both the cost of the car and the transportation, and if the car in question was valuable or prized by its owner. For most people, though, transporting their autos was simply not cost-effective enough.

The advent of the internet changed all that. Due to the widespread use of the internet, niche companies all over the country sprung up to assist people with auto transportation. If you’re moving, all you have to do is to go online, purchase a car, and have it shipped right to your door. More and more dealerships, and even small used car dealers, are selling online these days. It’s now easier to find the car of your dreams, and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Due to this new trend, it’s become easier and more cost-effective to have your prized auto follow you to your new destination. More moving companies are offering great deals to allow you to ship your car to your new destination. There are companies that specialize in car transport, even for overseas moves.

If you want to ship your car, there are some things you should know. The typical way to transport an auto is by using a carrier, which transports it to your new destination. The shipping company will inspect it and record any previous damage, so that they aren’t liable for damage that didn’t occur during transport.

Make sure that you remove all personal belongings from the car you want to transport. Most shipping companies will require you to do so, for safety reasons. These items include children car seats, jumper cables, tools, your driver’s manual, first aid kits, emergency supplies, ice scrapers and snow brushes, your spare tire and tire changing tools, and your car cover.

Most car transport companies will only ship autos that actually run, since having tires, a battery, and a working emergency brake will ensure smooth handling during shipment. You should make sure that your alarm system has been disabled, and that all broken, loose, or rusted parts have been repaired. Fill your gas tank to half-full and top off all over fluids. Properly winterize your car during the winter months.

We also recommend that you place a photocopy of your vehicle’s registration in its glove box. If there’s any special instructions, including security features, starting directions, or other details pertinent to the handling of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to write them up, leave a copy on the front seat of the vehicle, and then inform the driver about it. If you’re transporting a pickup truck, we suggest that you bolt its caps or canopies to the box of the truck to ensure its safe delivery. Also remember that external auxiliary fuel tanks are usually not permitted during auto transport.

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